Manicure, Gel Nail Polish and Bio Sculpture

424334Many of our female clients are extremely up-to-date on the current trends and wish to look their best. Our manicure-pedicure services do just that.
When sculpting nails, Organi’s professional staff use the materials of the highest quality. The newest global trend – gel nail polish – is also highly desired at Organi. Covering natural nails with gel is appropriate to Israeli climate and helps maintain well-kept hands and build natural, flexible and strong nails. At Organi, we offer a variety of gels that come in a dizzying array of colors (including French), which are a perfect fit for every season. Upon request, we also add special decorations and signatures. The gel is flexible, unbreakable and can be washed off in ten minutes.
Bio sculpture has many advantages. The treatment lasts for three weeks, during which you can decide to let your nails grow naturally. The treatment does not damage the natural nail and does not include chemical intervention or strong odors. The procedure works well especially for those with weak or splintered nails.
If you want a natural looking hand with strong, natural nails – nail polish gel is perfect for you. Visit us at Organi – and look your very best!