Thai Foot Massage

IMG_9764It’s fun, relaxing and takes a load off. Yes, you guessed right: we are referring to our Thai foot massage. Straight from Thailand, this blissful massage leaves your feet soft and mouth smiling.
The Thai foot massage is part of everyday life in Southeast Asia, and does wonders for one’s feet after a long day’s work.
The massage begins from the bottom half of the foot, and combines hand pressure and a special stick that rolls between the toes to the base of the foot. The Thai foot massage combines three elements: hand massage, hand pressing on specific points and pressing via a massage stick.
At Organi, we are great believers in the Thai foot massage’s ability to reduce stress and contribute to wellbeing. Throw in tranquil massage rooms, relaxing music and a spa atmosphere, and you are all set for a one-of-a-kind experience.