3133-1Organi offers a wide selection of peeling treatments that refresh and replenish facial skin. Highly recommended!
Many of us walk around feeling frustrated as a result of coarse facial skin. Cosmetic facial treatments, creams, ointments and a balanced diet can be very effective solutions, but may not be enough for everyone.
Facial skin requires replenishment on a regular basis. This is especially true for those with skin problems resulting from hormonal imbalance, acne and age. In cases such as these, superficial treatments are not enough. Peeling can really make a difference.
As its name suggests, peeling treatments peel the upper skin layers and expose new layers. Peeling is ideal for individuals who wish to reduce facial skin pigmentation, diminish wrinkles and smoothen skin texture. Peeling also livens and refreshes tired and grey facial skin.
2024At Organi, we will provide you with professional consultation prior to the treatment. Together, we will select the appropriate peeling treatment for your skin condition and daily routine, followed by a thorough peeling process that will leave your face feeling soft and fresh.