Natural Wax

17820083Organi offers a selection of hair removal treatments via natural, fragrant wax. Let the hair removal begin!
At Organi, we have a wide variety of natural wax for all-body, all-season hair removal. Wax hair removal is considered a high-quality, quick and clean technique, which leaves the skin super-smooth. Wax hair removal is also ideal for those with light colored hair, which is difficult to remove via other techniques, such as laser.
The first step is selecting the right wax type, based on your skin, hair and hair location. We use a variety of natural cold resin-based wax, including special wax for youth (for first treatments), wax for men, wax for sensitive skin, and wax for hard, spiky hair accustomed to a shaving razor.
17820084In addition, we use hot peeling wax for sensitive areas (eyebrows, upper lip, armpit and crotch), as well as peeling wax for intimate areas (less painful). At Organi, we remove hair from just about everywhere, and the sixth treatment is free.