Moisture Treatment

טיפוליםIs your skin dry, lifeless and tired? Come to Kfar Saba and try Organi’s moisture treatment!
Moisture treatment increases the level of moisture in the skin. The treatment is conducted via ultrasound/RF equipment, which helps aromatic oils, vitamins and moisture penetrate the depths of the skin.
At Organi, we combine moisture treatments with Drama Braition and diamond peeling, which clears dead skin cells and lifts new cells upwards, thus rejuvenating facial skin. As always, we use natural and organic materials, free of alcohol, SLS and parabens.
The influence of aromatic plants and natural oil, combined with our spa atmosphere and the intoxicating scent of citrus fruits, will relax you from the inside out. Sign up today for an hour of relaxation on a monthly basis. Your skin will look great, and you’ll feel wonderful!
The treatment can be administered as a one-time session or as a series.