he Meso Roller is a revolutionary device that stimulates the skin to self-produce collagen and elastin. The hottest Hollywood trend has come to Organi; judging from the results, it looks like it’s here to stay.
The Meso Roller is a unique rolling device for facial skin. Why roll, you ask? Well, the rolling action does two things: It creates tiny canals that lead to the deep layers of the skin, and it also replenishes the skin. The roller includes small needles, which “stab” the skin in a controlled manner and stimulate its self-healing and replenishing abilities. After the treatment, the skin begins to generate new cells and natural collagen also increases.
The Meso Roller’s effectiveness has been scientifically proven with regards to wrinkles, scars and acne marks, and leaves the skin looking radiant. The Meso Roller is non-invasive, and is ideal for men and women who want to look younger and do not wish or need to undergo plastic surgery. We also recommend the Meso Roller treatment to individuals who wish to care for their skin on a regular basis.
The treatment includes six sessions that are administered every two to three weeks, with results that last. So if you crave an advanced and healthy skin treatment, visit Organi and try the roller that’ll roll back time!