Medical Pedicure

131020136022377Medical pedicure is an important procedure, but at Organi we also make sure it’s fun. So don’t get cold feet – walk on over and get soft feet!
More and more men and women realize the importance of removing dry skin from their feet. This treatment is especially important for those who stand on their feet for long periods of time, athletes and individuals suffering from dry, cracked skin, and/or toenail fungus (link to page).
Organi offers a medical pedicure that can be administered knife-free, via a unique material that melts dry feet skin. The treatment takes place on super-comfortable treatment chairs, and includes dry skin removal, aromatic peeling, removal of skin around the toenails, toenail treatment and nail polish. Upon request, we can also end the treatment with a relaxing foot massage or upgrade it with a paraffin mask, which works wonders and is especially helpful for those suffering from extreme dry skin.
Knife-free pedicure is ideal for individuals with diabetes, whose feet are extremely sensitive. Among other things, we offer special treatments for those suffering from dry feet, ingrown toenails, warts, fungus and sweaty feet. Warm and soothing medical pedicure improves the foot’s blood flow, and leaves your feet feeling clean, smooth and pleasant to touch.