Hair Removal

HairRemovalLooking for hair removal in Kfar Saba? Look no further. Organi is a leading center for 4MP laser technology hair removal.
As far as aesthetic treatments go, hair removal is one of the most popular. What used to be achieved solely through wax treatments, can now be achieved through far more advanced means, and with excellent results.
4MP is considered the most advanced method for laser hair removal. It is the only method in Israel that is exactly tailored to every skin type and hair color. At Organi, we reduce the number of treatments by 30% compared to other treatments, while saving our clients both time and money. The results are immediate, and the treatments are medically supervised.
How does it work?
During the initial stage, we select a pulse range based on the client’s specific characteristics. The light pulse penetrates the skin and is embedded within the melanin pigment at the root of the hair. The light energy becomes heat energy and heats and destroys the hair. Organi’s advanced cooling system reduces pain and promises maximum safety throughout the treatment.
How is 4MP different?
1. DPC technology: 4MP uses Dynamic Pulse Control technology, which allows us to optimally select the fitting pulse range based on skin condition and hair. For example, in case of thick, crowded hair or dark skin, we will select a unique DPC called Smooth Pulse.
2. Four different treatment handles: 4PM uses four treatment handles with varying pulse ranges. Each handle is ideal for specific skin/hair characteristics and season of the year.
3. Ice Handle technology: 4MP uses “Ice Handle” technology (minus 8 degrees Celsius), which serves as anesthesia. This technology renders pre-treatment gels and other anesthesia unnecessary.