Face Gym

1211201316841Working out at the gym? Don’t neglect your face muscles. Organi’s “face gym” helps tone face muscles and make them stronger.
Like body muscles, face muscles become limp over time. Many of us find it difficult to accept limp face muscles; with Organi’s face gym, we don’t have to.
The face gym helps strengthen facial muscles and give our face a firm look. Electrodes transfer electric pulses that activate facial muscles, thus strengthening the face’s skin tone, lifting the skin and preventing skin drops.
The face gym treatment takes place within Organi’s serene spa atmosphere, in the heart of Kfar Saba. The process begins with commitment-free consultation and diagnosis, and continues with peeling and mask support that is attuned to the client’s specific skin condition. The treatment incudes ten sessions, once to two times a week, for 40 minutes.