machineWe can’t stop the aging process, but we can delay its appearance. Organi’s anti-aging treatments use advanced equipment to reduce wrinkles.
As we all know, our age shows itself on our face and necks. And although we can’t stop time, we can delay wrinkles and bring out the “eternal youth” that exists at every stage in our lives.
Organi offers a new and cutting-edge face and neck lift treatment, using radio frequency waves (RF) for deep wrinkles. The treatment combines ultrasonic massage with RF waves, which improve blood flow, enhance the skin’s natural self-healing prowess and renew collagen. The treatment also helps absorb creams and moisturizers.
We begin treatment with a diagnosis carried out by an expert cosmetician, as a basis for a tailor-made protocol for each client. The treatment includes six sessions (The 6th session is free). We also throw in a free pigmentation treatment.
To sum up, our anti-aging treatment is the ideal procedure for those who wish to delay or avoid plastic surgery. Our staff is skilled in helping you achieve a refreshed look, with less wrinkles.