Aesthetic Treatments for Men

1482008organi40Aesthetic care is no longer “no man’s land”. Sir, if you happen to be reading this, we invite you to join the crowd and enjoy clean and healthy skin!
The modern man is well aware of the advantages of aesthetic treatments and healthy, clean skin. Men are becoming more and more interested in beauty and skin care, and are less and less embarrassed to visit so called “female territory”. The result? Today’s man looks, feels and ages better.
Organi supplies its male clients with a wide variety of aesthetic treatments, the most popular of which is the cleansing facial treatment, which is adapted to the needs and characteristics of masculine skin. The treatment, which lasts 50 minutes, relaxes irritated facial skin (due to shaving) and prevents common conditions such as ingrown facial hair.
So men, after reading this, you must start taking care of your skin on a regular basis. You (and everyone around you) will absolutely love the difference!