17820083Want to look younger? A Meso threads facelift may be just the solution. A unique facelift technique that leaves facial skin looking natural, new at Organi!

Threads for a facelift? That’s right. Organi is happy to introduce you to Meso threads, a highly recommended facelift technique. Meso threads bring back firm facial skin and reduce wrinkles. The threads, which are made from polypropylene, are inserted into the facial and neck skin. Once tightened, the threads “latch on” to the skin and lift it from inside.

The treatment is administered via local anesthesia, and is relatively short. Recovery time is also short (two days on average), and the skin is left scar-free. The facelift keeps for at least one and a half years, sometimes more. The treatment is administered by a certified doctor.

Meso threads have one central advantage: the skin can be “lifted” in several directions, which gives it a natural look. The thread, or group of threads, serve as “anchors” that lift local skin areas on the face or neck. Other facelift treatments lift the skin in only two directions. Meso threads work differently.

Upon arriving at Organi, we will examine which facial and neck areas best fit the Meso threads treatment, in order to make an educated decision and allow you to benefit from all that this cutting-edge technique has to offer.