Hair Removal SHR

SHRTM – the latest in pain-free hair removal!

Looking for pain-free laser hair removal that eliminates even those hard-to-get hairs? Try Super Hair Removal (SHR) and prepare yourself for wonderful results!

Laser hair removal is the most advanced hair removal technique. Take 4MP for example – a technology that achieves wonderful results.

4MP uses a focused electric pulse that is optimal for facial hair removal. SHR uses short-wave electric pulses that are ideally administered on vast body areas. SHR technology is enhanced by the unique In-Motion method, in which the pulses are applied over and over again until all hair is removed. The result? Effective, advanced hair removal, with zero pain and no skin irritation.

SHR’s main advantage is that it is pain and irritation free. Therefore, it is ideal for children and teens who wish to undergo hair removal. At Organi, we treat many children who come in with their parents, wishing to rid themselves of unwanted hair. SHR also works wonders on tanned skin.

SHR is also ideal for men hair removal. From our experience, men prefer SHR hair removal, as it is painless. As it turns out, many men have a very low threshold for pain…

As part of our comprehensive hair removal menu, we are happy to offer our clients SHR hair removal. Upon your arrival at Organi, we will match the number of treatments with your skin type, hair location and hair amount. Our hair removal experts will select the appropriate hair removal method, based on the aforementioned criteria. A very small percentage reacts to 4MP or SHR slower than normal – in this case, we immediately switch and use the other technology. Sometimes, we will choose to combine 4MP and SHR within various body areas, for optimal results.

Hair removal in Kfar Saba? Only in Organi!