About Us

ornaLocated in Kfar Saba, Organi is a center for advanced cosmetics and hair removal that wishes to help its clients maintain an authentic lifestyle based on a unity between mind and body.

We believe that external and internal organic care leads to inner tranquility and harmony. The choices we make concerning cosmetic care is equally important to our choices regarding the food we eat.

The more we are aware of the food we eat and the influence of external factors on our health, the more we become aware of our skin and skin products. We use only natural and organic products, and believe that balanced products that respect nature achieve the best long-term results.

Our staff aims to help spread the green revolution throughout Israel. We do this by educating our clients on the difference between conventional and organic cosmetics.

At Organi, our clients can receive a wide variety of treatments based on proteins, essential oils, clay and more. We concoct creams and masks that suit specific skin types and conditions, and use products that contain a high concentration of active natural materials, without SLS, parabens, alcohol and crude oils. We also integrate organic oils into our massage treatments, which help induce tranquility and peace of mind.

Body care and peace of mind lead to natural beauty enhancement. This is our vision, which we aim to implement on a daily basis. We will be happy to enhance your natural beauty, as well.